Fall Lookbook & Video

October 21, 2014

fall I am so happy that LA is starting to get a bit chillier and the sun is starting to fade. As many of you know, I am in love with the colder weather as it lets my inner “fashionista” blossom. Layering is a key aspect in creating outfits full of interest and texture. Above is a video I created showcasing the three outfits featured in this post. I hope it can give you some inspiration for fall and some of the current pieces of my wardrobe that I am loving.

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Sure Thing

October 19, 2014

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Today was a day full of shooting for both the blog and my YouTube channel. My good friend and I, Brittany shot a full fall lookbook and here is the first. I plan on having the video posted within the next few days! I wanted to incorporate different styles throughout the collection starting with this “street” look.
I paired my new favorite pair of joggers from East Dane with my all time favorite flannel from JCP. The joggers are made of a thick woven slub fabric which creates an industrial hard edge. Lastly, to bring along my necessities I threw on this leather studded pack to complete my street attire.
+ Flannel : JCPenney
+ Joggers : Penfield
+ Shoes : Aldo
+ Sunnies : Ray-Ban

Apartment Tour (Video)

October 17, 2014

I have been slowly working my way to unpacking into my new home for the next year. I can finally say that a good 95% of the apartment has been finished and I couldn’t be happier. Shopping for furniture and decor on a college student budget that I personally have to acquire is pretty tough. The challenge was fun and I recycled so many pieces from my past room and even further in the past high school room. The only furniture purchased was the couches as the past couches were purchased by my room mate. But….. I love the couches and got them for a STEAL.

I would love to know your thoughts on the apartment? Which part is your favorite? Leave a comment!

The New Classic

October 15, 2014













Wow do I love this pair of denim. I have had them folded on my trouser shelf for quite a while until I decided to wear them today. I honestly cannot believe these haven’t been worn more. After today they definitely will be. I got a dark blue wash as well as black. The details are so pristine and the denim is an amazing raw denim made in Los Angeles. I am all for domestic production!
I paired the striking pants with a softer knit sweater from Zara for some contrast. Lastly, I threw on my favorite pair of fall shoes from Bronx. I found these shoes at a thrift store on Melrose quite a while back and LOVE them.
+ Knit Sweater : Zara
+ Denim : DSTLD
+ Shoes : Bronx
+ Sunnies : Ray-Ban

Laid Back

October 14, 2014

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Have I been on a roll at posting outfit posts, I think yes! I am really in love with this look and the photos almost look like they were taken in a tunnel or at some odd hour of the day? What was odd is that we did see a man wearing banana leafs in his hair and running between cars. I thought that was strange but I will let him, do him.
These cargo pants are a definite staple for my fall wardrobe. I absolutely love the tailored look and how they taper at the ankle. Paired with a simple patterned chambray and knit we have a perfect fall look. What is a staple in your fall wardrobe this season? I would love to know!
+ Cargo Pants : H&M
+ Denim Shirt : F21
+ Knit Cardigan : Levi’s
+ Boots : Dr. Martens